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good things are happening (Nov 27, 2022)

Maybe its time to rethink some of these expectations. Maybe we need some of that early internet vibe back and be ok with smaller, closer communities. Maybe we can even get some of the fun back and start exploring again, instead of expecting everything to be automatically delivered to us in real time.

Read this. 👏

a ‘distraction free markdown editor’ in your browser (Nov 29, 2022)

Zen Markdown Editor

Note: Uses browser’s local storage to save changes.

11/29/22 (Nov 29, 2022)

 (Nov 25, 2022)

Been working on rearranging some things ’round here and if this post shows up where I want it to, I’ll be moving forward to the fun part. More later. Cheers!

resources:11-28-22 - created (Nov 28, 2022)

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