by ReTroGrrl

I never really thought about color and ME until I played with colorspeak.

Looking at a color and giving it a name was a most pleasurable experience, unusual. Why should this be? I'm not sure except to say that in each chosen shade, I went with the first feeling, thought or memory invoked. Some things I had forgotten about - like the almonds in 'Young Almondo'. It all came back... the ponies, the hot sunny days, climbing the fence, keeping lookout as we gathered our stolen goods.

Therefore, color must make its own impression upon us whether we like it or not. Not to say that it alone creates that identation, but its part must be a prominent one. Our memories and feelings are just as tied to color as they are to sounds, smells and tastes. Remembrance of color is strongest when combined with happiness, contentment and well-being : just as we unconsciously suppress all things to do with an unwanted memory, I suppose we can push away the 'bad' colors. 

Strangely, I've always liked that shade of green, and my room reflects it's hues. In hindsight, we probably gave the poor ponies a belly ache.