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  #CC0000 / RGB = 204 - 0 - 0  

suggested name: "hellfire"    [CC0000

im pissed man, totally pissed.

submitted 20061012163121 by matt
suggested name: "hellfire"    [CC0000

human rage in its most basic form, die, kill, lie, burn, torture, dismember, exhume, blood, gore, death

submitted 20061012163045 by matt

"I Love You" red

submitted 20060626203156 by Erek
suggested name: "emotional powerful red"    [CC0000

this red fuels our inspiration and reactions almost without any control. what ever it make you feel you just feel some thing from this vibrant powerful shade. It is the early learning center red paint i used to paint with when i was a child. It over powered all other shades when mixed

submitted 20060303051909
suggested name: "why"    [CC0000

i see this color anger why cant things just happen for me why cant i have my cake and eat it too. why must i make decisions that hurt people, how come i just cant be happy for once wtf man i wish i would just get cut some slack

submitted 20051101194857 by jenn
suggested name: "Seamus"    [CC0000

screaming bloody murder

submitted 20051013162802 by Ego VonKrylon
suggested name: "fire truck red"    [CC0000

fire truck red

submitted 20051012182521
suggested name: "straight red"    [CC0000

this feels like sweet wine; it's interesting how everything just goes back to my childhood; maube it's because it's the only period i can have memories from. it all comes back in bit and pieces. but this colour is nice, kind of like all the dresses i used to paint when i dreamt of being a princess

submitted 20050909080816 by Di
suggested name: "entrapment"    [CC0000

double triangles on blackwidows belly

submitted 20050625021847

feel my chest when i look at you

submitted 20050222184346
suggested name: "Fury"    [CC0000

Fast, rich, adventurous, out going, your hearts desire. Lust, ambition

submitted 20040907050040 by Arleen   [email]
suggested name: "love's desire"    [CC0000

love, rich with desire, swiftly returning to the soul's destination, the heart.

submitted 20040825051806 by nycandlelight
suggested name: "me"    [CC0000

this is what i feel like on the inside. wonderful, creative, happy, and smiling. not mean or cruel color but the color of our blood. and beautiful is human, so i say that this color not be associated with dread or death but life and the living....

submitted 20040210170334 by a monkie
suggested name: "Blood"    [CC0000

It is blood!

submitted 20030518071830
suggested name: "Papa Don't Preach!"    [CC0000

Frustation, anger, and violence could be this color on one hand. Otherwise, it could be love. Passion. Lipstick! (Think: the lips on the Rocky Horror Picture Show logo)

submitted 20030403174932 by Jennifer   [email]
suggested name: "candy"    [CC0000

Valentine's Day is this color

submitted 20030226122211
suggested name: "Lover"    [CC0000

This color represents the passion felt while endulging in your love.

submitted 20020228125031 by Tinkerbell
suggested name: "lipstick"    [CC0000

My favorite color for lips, I wear this when I go to Rockabilly shows, with a matching scarf tied around my ponytail.

submitted 20011206151359
suggested name: "Rage"    [CC0000

Blood, revenge, anger, torment, RAGE

submitted 20010824040811 by Dorian
suggested name: "ME"    [CC0000

I love this color. i want to paint my bedroom or bathroom this color. I just Love it

submitted 20010724171337 by katie annie
suggested name: "Campbells Soup Red"    [CC0000

Screaming Andy Warhol to me.

submitted 20010514225609 by faith   [email]
suggested name: "Bono's Heart of Darkness"    [CC0000

This colour was named after Bono of U2, for his 41st birthday.

submitted 20010509082729 by   [email]   [homepage]
suggested name: "I-Will-Hurt-You Red"    [CC0000

My sister always heard that men don't mess with red-headed women. So now her hair is this color!

submitted 20010504180011
suggested name: "phil roman"    [CC0000

ah.... my favorite one

submitted 20010426132611 by phil roman   [email]
suggested name: "Slut"    [CC0000

making out purely for the sake of making out and loving it

submitted 20010320110052 by Sirena
suggested name: "Wendy"    [CC0000

everything about her....

submitted 20010320080754
suggested name: "maple flower"    [CC0000

This is the color of red maple tree flowers. I think this is it, anyway: it's been a long winter. I never noticed them until the spring before last, even though they're the first thing to bloom around here, but now I find myself looking forward to the show each spring. And every time I mention it to someone, they reply "Maple trees have flowers?"

submitted 20010209093835 by Jami   [email]
suggested name: "strawberry kisses"    [CC0000


submitted 20010119094515 by demon
suggested name: "Maria"    [CC0000

El color de nuestra pasion

submitted 20000921185450 by Ana
suggested name: "Choices"    [CC0000

I love you, I love you, I'd like to say... but with an enclosed mind I've decide to leave you as a friend. For this is a way I could watch you forever... Even if I coundn't get you... Just watching you... I'll be happy.

submitted 20000623212443 by DarkWolf
suggested name: "fierce"    [CC0000

wanting, not getting - feelings all bottled up inside.. screaming to be revealed.

submitted 20000517054535 by ishii   [email]
suggested name: "Fire"    [CC0000

This is the color of the flames that burn in me when she goes on and on bout things i dont care to know

submitted 19991216192820 by jen
suggested name: "Mercy"    [CC0000

This is the color of unrelenting back pain that makes one leg feel numb like pins and needles are sticking in it

submitted 19990821001110
suggested name: "Passion's fire"    [CC0000

Passion's fire is hot and dangerous be careful u don't get burned.

submitted 19990806140930 by Jennifer   [email]
suggested name: "Freddie the Red"    [CC0000

I am not anger. I am frustration.

submitted 19990728214258
suggested name: "Clio Red"    [CC0000

All the Clios I see are this colour red......Papa?

submitted 19990715062412 by stu
suggested name: "dracula"    [CC0000

I vant to suck your blood

submitted 19990703225030
suggested name: "earthred"    [CC0000

I hear there is places in Northern America where the soil is of this color.... what a powerful color...!

submitted 19990630231323 by sylvia   [email]

when my knee was this color they stitched me up like a doll

submitted 19990624133203
suggested name: "indian giver"    [CC0000

i gave away my blood once and I fainted - they gave me orange juice. I don't see it as a fair trade but i couldn't take it back

submitted 19990621191523 by ReTroGrrl   [email]
suggested name: "dark red"    [CC0000

Red and khaki. Red and khaki.
All the cashiers at Target wear red and khaki.
I wore blue one day, just to see what they'd say. They gave me a red jacket. There is an infinite amount of red and khaki at Target.

submitted 19990418230555 by Rachael   [email]