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  #99CC99 / RGB = 153 - 204 - 153  

suggested name: "sage"    [99CC99

a hill in
where i fell in foolish love..
i blame the scent
of the sage

submitted 20080602160308
suggested name: "Home"    [99CC99

This is MY color...this is where I feel at home and at peace. This color is serenity, tranquillity, comfort. I can breathe and create here.

submitted 20060701115358 by HerbLady33
suggested name: "throff or segash"    [99CC99

One word....NECCO!

submitted 20040418122644 by Rod W. Bailey   [email]
suggested name: "medical green"    [99CC99

clinique, scrubs, surgeons, the hospital. sterile but soothing even though it is associated with bad things. somewhat artificial...not a natural refreshing green found in nature.

submitted 20030110201903
suggested name: "sage&onion, italy 97 x"    [99CC99

sage and onion ski boots!!! oh the good old days, italy, 1997, who needs the latest fashions when you can be kitted out head to toe in this glorious shade of green. didn't help that the lady instructor had a moustache :0/ !

submitted 20020507152911 by natacha

grandma libby's kitchen

submitted 20011021134519
suggested name: "lichen"    [99CC99

soft lichens in the forest

submitted 20010725175649
suggested name: "calm before the storm"    [99CC99

peaceful, silent, undisturbed
no hint of rage
little do we know what
an hour's time will bring

submitted 20010316120414
suggested name: "ripe cactus"    [99CC99

calm, lush, soothing, earthy

submitted 20000125150451

Pistacio ice cream is this color in my country

submitted 19991118034031
suggested name: "Andes Mint"    [99CC99

A layer of chocolate lies underneath this green mint top and it is rich

submitted 19990817033411 by Eileen Skoog   [email]
suggested name: "waiting room"    [99CC99

It will be a long time before anything happens here

submitted 19990703231837
suggested name: "young almondo"    [99CC99

Our ponies considered unripe almonds - soft fuzzy and green - a special treat. We used to steal them from next door's garden

submitted 19990410035501 by ReTroGrrl   [email]