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We're sending the message that the personal, creative side of the web is diverse and ageless.  If you have a personal, non-commercial site or blog (that's original) and don't mind sharing your date of birth, you might help us prove the point.

Please submit your site for consideration.  If it's a personal site or blog that's publically available and non-commercial, it might be accepted (see the note below, please).

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*We reserve the right to refuse or remove any submission, at our discretion.  Please do not submit your site if you have a problem with that, or if you expect an explanation if your site is rejected or removed.

Commercial sites, marketing vehicles, resume/portfolios, and other career-oriented sites will not be accepted, nor will sites with pop-under, pop-up, or exit ads, or auto-installer dialog pop-ups.  Sites with banner ads or ads mixed in with content, excessive e-commerce links, heavy advertising, content we feel may be offensive or annoying to users, and/or unoriginal content are also among those which may not be accepted.

There's a limit of one listing per person or site.  Multiple submissions from the same person or site may result in the immediate removal of the existing listing for that person or site.

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Born in the 1930s:

BobWritesName:  Bob Shinberg
Born:  1930
Site:  BobWrites


Old Horsetail SnakeName:  Gene Maudlin
Born:  1930
Site:  Old Horsetail Snake


The Demijon BlogName:  Demijon
Born:  1931
Site:  The Demijon Blog


From Where I SitName:  Joan Callaway
Born:  1931
Site:  From Where I Sit


Senior Stuff - Rinkly RimesName:  Brenda Bryant
Born:  1931
Site:  Senior Stuff - Rinkly Rimes


GeopoliticsName:  Paul Garrett
Born:  1931
Site:  Geopolitics


Milts MuseName:  Milton Rebmann
Born:  1931
Site:  Milts Muse


Wandering Toward My Shifting SelfName:  Funky Grampa
Born:  1932
Site:  Wandering Toward My Shifting Self


goldendaze-ginnieName:  Virginia Dean
Born:  1933
Site:  goldendaze-ginnie


Report From Cane CreekName:  Robbie Lee Brewer
Born:  1933
Site:  Report From Cane Creek


Sylvia Over the HillName:  Sylvia Kirkwood
Born:  1933
Site:  Sylvia Over the Hill


A Little Red HenName:  Naomi Dagen Bloom
Born:  1933
Site:  A Little Red Hen


InsiteviewName:  Tom Shugart
Born:  1934
Site:  Insiteview


Studio RutheName:  Ruthe Karlin
Born:  1934
Site:  Studio Ruthe


eclectic worldName:  Bob Frank
Born:  1935
Site:  eclectic world


Count Pierre de RuffieuName:  Celine
Born:  1935
Site:  Count Pierre de Ruffieu


Freaque WavesName:  Paul C. Liu
Born:  1935
Site:  Freaque Waves


Free Verse FallingName:  Ruth Jameson
Born:  1935
Site:  Free Verse Falling


Along The WayName:  Joared
Born:  1935
Site:  Along The Way


Afterword On Detective/Crime NovelsName:  Louis Willis
Born:  1935
Site:  Afterword On Detective/Crime Novels


gabbygeezerName:  Dick Klade
Born:  1936
Site:  gabbygeezer


SilverFoxName:  Maria
Born:  1936
Site:  SilverFox


holtieshouseName:  Peter Holt
Born:  1936
Site:  holtieshouse


My Incredibly Unremarkable LifeName:  Sue
Born:  1936
Site:  My Incredibly Unremarkable Life


Good News-ClipsName:  Littlemuddy
Born:  1936
Site:  Good News-Clips


Picking PeachesName:  Marge Lechner
Born:  1936
Site:  Picking Peaches


Occasional PursuitsName:  Patricia Torbert
Born:  1937
Site:  Occasional Pursuits


Mrs. Van der Loop's BlogName:  Lydia Van der Loop
Born:  1937
Site:  Mrs. Van der Loop's Blog


Light Sweet CrudName:  Rey Barry
Born:  1937
Site:  Light Sweet Crud


Read MaeName:  Mae Read
Born:  1937
Site:  Read Mae


Cousin Lucy's SpoonName:  Savtadotty
Born:  1937
Site:  Cousin Lucy's Spoon


SuzzwordsName:  Suzz
Born:  1937
Site:  Suzzwords


Los puntos sobre las íesName:  Leopoldo Silva Ortiz
Born:  1937
Site:  Los puntos sobre las íes


Sacred OrdinaryName:  Fran aka Redondowriter
Born:  1937
Site:  Sacred Ordinary


I Choose How I Will Spend The Rest of My LifeName:  Judith Baxter
Born:  1938
Site:  I Choose How I Will Spend The Rest of My Life


Of Shoes and Ships...Name:  natalie roesch
Born:  1938
Site:  Of Shoes and Ships...


My Take by GVKName:  GV Krishnan
Born:  1938
Site:  My Take by GVK


SuperGrams: Taking the World by StormName:  Kitty
Born:  1938
Site:  SuperGrams: Taking the World by Storm


Tom PryName:  Tom Pry
Born:  1938
Site:  Tom Pry


Orcmid's LairName:  Dennis E. Hamilton
Born:  1939
Site:  Orcmid's Lair


bigjohnName:  John
Born:  1939
Site:  bigjohn


Burned Toast and CoffeeName:  Stan Beatty
Born:  1939
Site:  Burned Toast and Coffee


Bob! Your Life PreserverName:  Robert Burgan
Born:  1939
Site:  Bob! Your Life Preserver


BLB's Xanga SiteName:  Bonnie
Born:  1939
Site:  BLB's Xanga Site


Amen with a TName:  Beryl Ament
Born:  1939
Site:  Amen with a T


[total of 45 born in the 1930s]