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We're sending the message that the personal, creative side of the web is diverse and ageless.  If you have a personal, non-commercial site or blog (that's original) and don't mind sharing your date of birth, you might help us prove the point.

Please submit your site for consideration.  If it's a personal site or blog that's publically available and non-commercial, it might be accepted (see the note below, please).

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*We reserve the right to refuse or remove any submission, at our discretion.  Please do not submit your site if you have a problem with that, or if you expect an explanation if your site is rejected or removed.

Commercial sites, marketing vehicles, resume/portfolios, and other career-oriented sites will not be accepted, nor will sites with pop-under, pop-up, or exit ads, or auto-installer dialog pop-ups.  Sites with banner ads or ads mixed in with content, excessive e-commerce links, heavy advertising, content we feel may be offensive or annoying to users, and/or unoriginal content are also among those which may not be accepted.

There's a limit of one listing per person or site.  Multiple submissions from the same person or site may result in the immediate removal of the existing listing for that person or site.

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Born in the 1920s:

Benvenuti! Nita from 1920sName:  Nita
Born:  1920
Site:  Benvenuti! Nita from 1920s


The Wondering JewName:  Denver Doug
Born:  1921
Site:  The Wondering Jew


Golden Lucy's Spiral JournalName:  Golden Lucy
Born:  1922
Site:  Golden Lucy's Spiral Journal


wegadsName:  Ed Weiland
Born:  1923
Site:  wegads


Reflections.Bob DoddName:  Robert H. Dodd
Born:  1923
Site:  Reflections.Bob Dodd


Connecting.the.DotsName:  Robert Stein
Born:  1924
Site:  Connecting.the.Dots


OctogenarianName:  Mort Reichek
Born:  1924
Site:  Octogenarian


Age of RiesonName:  Marie MacBeath
Born:  1925
Site:  Age of Rieson


Last Quarter - Game of LifeName:  Ralph Leonard
Born:  1925
Site:  Last Quarter - Game of Life


My Mom's BlogName:  Mildred Garfield
Born:  1925
Site:  My Mom's Blog


Another Day to ExcelName:  Robert E. Burke
Born:  1925
Site:  Another Day to Excel


swampsloggerName:  DonB
Born:  1925
Site:  swampslogger


Walking PrescottName:  Julie Woodman
Born:  1927
Site:  Walking Prescott


Clearing Away the FogName:  Vincent O'Neil
Born:  1927
Site:  Clearing Away the Fog


Not Dead Yet!Name:  Judith Taylor
Born:  1927
Site:  Not Dead Yet!


driftwoodinspirationName:  Chancy Gardner
Born:  1929
Site:  driftwoodinspiration


Jack the Smith Mountain LakerName:  Jack Rupert
Born:  1929
Site:  Jack the Smith Mountain Laker


[total of 17 born in the 1920s]