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We're sending the message that the personal, creative side of the web is diverse and ageless.  If you have a personal, non-commercial site or blog (that's original) and don't mind sharing your date of birth, you might help us prove the point.

Please submit your site for consideration.  If it's a personal site or blog that's publically available and non-commercial, it might be accepted (see the note below, please).

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*We reserve the right to refuse or remove any submission, at our discretion.  Please do not submit your site if you have a problem with that, or if you expect an explanation if your site is rejected or removed.

Commercial sites, marketing vehicles, resume/portfolios, and other career-oriented sites will not be accepted, nor will sites with pop-under, pop-up, or exit ads, or auto-installer dialog pop-ups.  Sites with banner ads or ads mixed in with content, excessive e-commerce links, heavy advertising, content we feel may be offensive or annoying to users, and/or unoriginal content are also among those which may not be accepted.

There's a limit of one listing per person or site.  Multiple submissions from the same person or site may result in the immediate removal of the existing listing for that person or site.

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ageless supporters:
Thanks to the owners of the following sites for linking back to the ageless project:
wegads – Ed Weiland, born 1923
Age of Rieson – Marie MacBeath, born 1925
Last Quarter - Game of Life – Ralph Leonard, born 1925
My Mom's Blog – Mildred Garfield, born 1925
Not Dead Yet! – Judith Taylor, born 1927
Milts Muse – Milton Rebmann, born 1931
A Little Red Hen – Naomi Dagen Bloom, born 1933
Along The Way – Joared, born 1935
Occasional Pursuits – Patricia Torbert, born 1937
Light Sweet Crud – Rey Barry, born 1937
BLB's Xanga Site – Bonnie, born 1939
justaskjudy – Judy, born 1940
my life after Near Death Experiences – freestone wilson, born 1941
kdip's – K, born 1941
The CooknTcher Mom – Princess T. Parungao, born 1942
Chiriqui Chatter – Don, born 1942
Retirement with Spirit – Ann McNeal, born 1942
WCHS, MPHS and Park College...Diary Writing 1960-1965 – Barbara McDowell Whitt, born 1942
organized chaos – Sharron, born 1944
womenvision – Loretta Donovan, born 1944
edge city – Bill Anderson, born 1945
Life After NEXCOM – Mary Lou, born 1946
Fools Rush In – Granny Annie, born 1946
Journey to a New Life – Suzan Murray, born 1946
Kay's Thinking Cap – Kay Dennison, born 1947
A Changing Life – S.A., born 1947
peripatetic – Suzanne Shaw, born 1947
awaiting buddha – Grammie (Laurie), born 1948
Cloud Hidden – Sherry Stewart, born 1949
In and Out of Confidence – Tamar Jacobson, born 1949
The Grammacello Years – Jo-Anne Goyder, born 1949
The Purple Moose Gazette – Barbara Waters, born 1950
Journeys of the Heart – Becky McNeese, born 1950
Marian's Blog – Marian Douglas, born 1951
Lucid Confusion – Jeff Clark, born 1952
Out of Focus - Sharpening the Lens – Susan, born 1953
Cosmicrayola – Karen Murray, born 1953
Friday's Child – Friday, born 1953
fatshadow – Tish, born 1953
Ken's Brain Drain – Ken Laster, born 1953
rashbre2 – Edward Rashbrooke, born 1954
The Bloggy Pulpit – Lindsy Stephenson Jr., born 1956
Reflective Ramblings – Cheryl Huling-King, born 1956
My Mundane Mid-Life – Michael Lans, born 1957
Art is Artis – Jenny de Groot, born 1959
Mommy, Queen of the Universe – Beverly, born 1959
A Crazy Quilt Life – Cynthia, born 1960
Depthmarker – Ann, born 1961
The Drive-by Blogger – TDB, born 1961
John Keyes – John Keyes, born 1961
Boxing Up Grandma – michelle, born 1963
Weasle3's blog – Susan S., born 1963
Howling Point – Chuck Hartley, born 1964
Bluetealeaf – Simon, born 1966
Adventures of a Sassy Blonde Girl – Sarah, born 1968
Leah's Life – Leah, born 1969
Recipes – Stephie, born 1971
STUFF.to Experience – Jason Watts, born 1973
Less Than Useless – Zombie, born 1973
Four Nerds – Rob Patey, born 1974
Stuff and Stuff – David Kleeman, born 1974
One Sister's Rant – Bella, born 1975
Muppetlord's Wanderings... – Andrew, born 1976
Hans Castorp – Hans Castorp, born 1977
starving artist [the journal] – Britt, born 1977
amber dawn's non-paper journal. – amber dawn pullin, born 1978
Diletante.net – Calitoe (Cristina MJ), born 1978
RD1701's Blog – Emma Rouse-Deane, born 1979
Crónicas de una arruga viajera... – Azucena, born 1979
Jeremy Brendan--My Life as a Reptile – Jeremy Brendan, born 1980
comatised – Jamie, born 1980
Search for love in Karachi – Jalaluddin Ahmed Khan, born 1980
Another Whole Box of Pandoras – Avital, born 1982
Verbatim et literatim – Juliet, born 1983
Remember That One Show? – Emily, born 1983
unfaithful-mirror.net – Trialia, born 1986
...down the rabbit hole – Beara, born 1986